10 ideas to fight depression

Here are ten ideas to fight depression. If you conscientiously apply these ideas, you will be well on your way to start coming out of this depressive state.

1- Know that you will get better.

You are going to make it. You will get better and better. Maybe at first you will be only 6% better. But it’s still 6% better than when you started. Remember: you will get better.

2- Have compassion for yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. you are not alone in suffering. You are not the worst person you know. If you can’t make it out today, that’s okay.

3- Take care of yourself

Eat well, move, go outside. Respect your sleep cycle.

4- Train your mind

Control what you focus on. If you focus on depression, you will be even more depressed. If you focus on what makes you happy, on what you want (and not on what you don’t want) then you will progress.

5 – It is normal to experience ups and downs

No one is at his/her best all the time. Everyone experiences lows regularly. You have to stop generalizing your depression. Notice the times when you are down but also notice the times when you are better. you will realize that you are not permanently depressed.

6 – You need a project

A project allows you to focus on something other than depression.

7 – Turn off your TV, your screens

Bad news, people you compare yourself to on Instagram or in movies only increase your depression.

8 – Breathe

When you feel emotionally low, think about taking deep breaths several times in a row. It changes your physiology and allows you not to cling to emotions, especially negative ones.

9 – Act like you are the best version of yourself

Imagine if you weren’t depressed, how you would move, how you would speak, what your posture would be. apply all of this to yourself now.

10 – practice to get better

It’s like a sport. The more you practice, the better you get at the sport. It’s the same with depression. The more you practice to feel better, the better you will get. Maybe at first you will feel better for an hour. But you have to keep practicing to get better and you will feel better for a full day. And you continue to practice and you will feel better for several days, and so on.

Apply these ideas and it will be a good start towards the life you dream of. If you want to go deeper, I can help you overcome your depression. Contact me if you want to know how.