We all seek peace of mind. We know that we are more efficient, more creative when our brain is calm. The more our mind is cluttered with thoughts or stress, the less we can concentrate and be effective. So how do you get that peace of mind?

3 definitions of peace of mind

First of all, what is peace of mind? People’s definition of peace of mind  is generally among the following three definitions.

1- the absence of conflict

The first category of people feel they have peace of mind when there is no conflict. They define themselves as peacemakers. But in reality they flee all forms of conflict.

But generally the more one avoids conflicts, the more one creates them. And running away from conflict generates even more thoughts about what to say or what not to say. This is not peace of mind!

2- the continuity of circumstances

Some people think peace of mind comes from the circumstances around them. They are doing everything possible to maintain these circumstances. They say to themselves: “As long as I manage to maintain (my couple, my job, my financial situation, my friends…) I will have inner peace.

These people remind me of those circus artists who spin plates on long, flexible wooden pikes. They have to run around to keep those plates in the air. It’s a stressful number to watch and probably to do.

Well, trying to have peace of mind by maintaining our circumstances is also stressful. This is difficult to do in all areas of our lives. Adding stress to have inner peace is counterproductive.

3- the absence of thoughts.

Some think that peace of mind is the absence of thought. It seems logical. So often they start meditating in order to stop thinking.

Let me tell you, those who teach meditation as thoughtlessness have it all wrong.

You begin to meditate with the goal of stopping your thoughts. You can’t do it and that leads to frustration. Even if you get close to it, it’s an inner peace that’s hard to maintain all day. And then the absence of thought makes you dumber!

I tell you, it is impossible to stop thinking. Thinking is like breathing or the beating heart. If it stops, we’re dead.

So what is the right definition of peace of mind?

Peace of mind is already within you!

Stop looking for peace of mind outside of you when it is already inside of you. We cannot stop the thoughts but we can choose which thoughts we will put forward. By habit, our brain chooses among the thousands of thoughts that we have, those that are negative, stressful, distressing. You just have to teach him that other choices are possible.

Negative thoughts, stress, anxieties are just thoughts. thoughts among many others.

Your mind is like the sky

Imagine your mind as the sky. The sky is blue by nature as the nature of your mind is to be at peace. Thoughts are like clouds. A cloud in the shape of an aggressive lion is no more dangerous than a cloud in the shape of a friendly rabbit.

Sometimes the clouds are numerous and stormy. they create a storm. But if you take a plane and climb above the storm, you will see that the sky is still blue. And you know that after the storm, the good weather always ends up coming back.

Peace of mind is already within you. You don’t have to do anything to seek it out except accept that your brain will have lots of thoughts and know that you can choose which thoughts you put forward. The important thing is not to cling to any thought more than necessary.

I know it’s not easy to do alone. If you want help to be less stressed and find your inner peace, I can help you. Contact me and let’s have a chat on how I can help you.