the secret of a better life

We all dream of a better life. But often we do not know how to reach it.

First define what a better life is

To have a better life, the first thing to do is to define what this life will be like. If you don’t know what makes you happy, you will expect a better life all your life without your life changing. When in reality the opportunity to be happy was in front of you all along, but you didn’t know it was going to make you happy.

Ask yourself the question: “What makes me happy?

Each answer to this question is unique. Take your answer and not someone else’s. Just because one’s idea of ​​happiness is having a house, a partner, 2 kids and a dog doesn’t mean that has to be your idea of ​​happiness. If you take someone else’s idea of ​​happiness, you end up being unhappy.

The secret to a better life lies in one question

Once you figure out what makes you happy, there’s only one question left to ask yourself over and over again for every decision, every emotion, every thought.

“Does this bring me closer to the best version of myself?”

This question is magic because it can guide all your choices. It’s a binary question, meaning you can only answer yes or no. If you are tempted to answer “maybe” then consider the answer to be yes.

If the answer is no, stop doing it. If the answer is yes then do it.

For every action in everyday life, ask yourself the magic question. Does scrolling facebook or instagram for hours get me closer to being the best version of myself? The answer is surely no, so stop doing it aimlessly.

For every emotion and thought, ask yourself the magic question.

Is this anger that I feel inside me an emotion that brings me closer to the best version of myself? Probably not, so what can I do to stop feeling this anger?

Does focusing on the past and what could have happened bring me closer to the best version of myself? definitely not, so what should I focus on to get closer to the best version of myself?

Do you have a decision to make? ask the magic question for each option that comes your way. For example, you have to choose between staying in your job or doing the training you’ve been dreaming of for years. Ask yourself the question “which option brings me closest to the best version of myself?”. The answer is likely to be training. Then you know you have to take this training even though it can be scary.

God has a movie to show you

Of course you know that this decision will make your life better, but the fear of failure paralyzes you. To overcome this fear, imagine that you did not make this decision because you were afraid. Later you die and you come before God. He has a movie he would like to show you. This film is the film of the life you would have had if you had made this decision despite fear. Imagine the regrets…

Remember, human beings are happy when they progress.

If you answer yes to the question: “Does following an accompaniment with a therapist, to regain control of my thoughts and emotions, brings me closer to a better version of myself?”, then contact me.